Friday, October 5, 2012

Healing in Haiti

I have learned that in life, there are some things that I have no control over.  When an unexpected event happens that could cause concern or worry, I just give it to God.  I faced one such event just prior to coming to Haiti.

At the end of August, I discovered that I had melanoma skin cancer on my lower right leg.  My doctor recommended emergency surgery and the cancer was successfully removed on September 4.  Knowing the proximity of my departure date for Haiti, I asked the doctor if I would be healed in time.  The doctor was confident that my 3" long incision would be much better and that I would be able to continue with my travel plans.  However, a week before I was about to leave, my wound became infected threatening my trip.

So many questions came to mind ... Do I continue packing in faith?  Do I postpone my trip?  Am I taking a chance with my life by going with an infection?  Will I be a burden to the team if I go?  Am I going to disappoint my daughter who was planning on traveling with me if I postpone?  Well, I met with a wound care specialist and continued to pack in faith believing that if God wanted me in Haiti, I would be able to go.  I was completely filled with peace.  My new doctor gave me the go ahead after changing my treatment plan.  In all reality, this approval came right down to the wire as I was given the final okay to leave for Haiti the Friday before our Monday departure date.

Aside from some swelling in my foot, my leg has been fine all week and is looking much better.  I told my team leader Tom Gacek that I was "Healing in Haiti."  I have had such great team members that have shown much concern for me on this trip.  God even placed a few people on our team with medical backgrounds to assist.  And ... the most amazing part of this story is the selfless Haitian people who prayed over my leg at a sunrise church service I attended.  All of my team members watched in amazement during the service as a young man approached me with outstretched hands towards my leg silently praying.  He didn't know me nor I him. A few moments later, an elderly woman joined in praying and actually was massaging my leg, wiggling my toes, and rotating my ankle!!  "Ouch" I was thinking just before she started, but it didn't hurt a bit. God must have wanted me here in Haiti and I'm ready to complete my week of service.   

Philippians 4:6 ~ "Don't worry about anything.  Instead ask God for what you need and thank Him for all He's done."

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