Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Boy without a Smile

Yesterday was the day that we went to the Home of the Sick & Dying Babies.  I loved how many of the children were full of joy when we came to visit.  Most of the children were playing when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sad little boy sitting on the ground holding an orange balloon.  I ran over to include him with the group of other little boys when he gave me this face that said, "I'm sad and in need of love." I hugged him, held him, tickled him, and silly-faced him, but received nothing in return ... not even a smile.  I started crying and I wondered where he had been, what had happened to him, where his family was, and why wasn't he smiling??

~ Written by Megan  (12 years old & her first trip to Haiti)

(Note:  No pictures are allowed at the Home for Sick & Dying Children.)

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  1. "Break my heart for what breaks Yours" Maybe you seeing this boy's pain was to teach you more about God's love for the hurting... Keep stepping out in faith! Keep asking what He is trying to show you and move when he says move :-)