Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Early yesterday morning, when I awoke after returning home from Haiti, I knew I was broken.  You see, an image of a young girl I met in Cite Soleil kept appearing in my mind.  Curious about me, she approached me with no expression on her face, but great sadness in her eyes.  Right away, the children in the area pointed out to me that her eyes were different than everyone else's ... they were blue.  Additionally, the whites of her eyes were not white, but instead bright yellow...indicating sickness or malnourishment.  As I tried to communicate with her, the children stated that she could not talk ... and to make matters worse, they seemed to enjoy teasing her.  She held a toy phone in her hand that they kept trying to take away.  Knowing that my time with her was limited, I did all I could to make her feel special and loved.  I have read that it only takes a moment to make someone's day and sometimes those moments can even change lives.  Praying that her life was brightened by our encounter.  

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