Wednesday, October 3, 2012


After spending 2 days in Haiti one word keeps coming into my mind. Expectation! 
What am I expecting to accomplish here! 
What do I expect from myself? 
What do my kids expect from me as a father?
What does my wife expect from me as a husband? 
But most importantly I think is the question what does GOD expect from me? 
I need to be surrounded by strong Christians like the people on our team!
The definition of a Christian is to be a disciple of Christ! Our time here is short but we are determined to be difference makers and set the bar high for our team to be effective in showing the Haitians that someone cares, even though they may be abandoned,feeling hopeless, and are extremely poverty stricken.  We do!  Christians who are the body of Christ. That is what the Healing Haiti mission is about!  
James 2:17 says that if we have faith with out action that our faith is dead! We are taking action and are going to fill empty water buckets, visit sick and handicapped children, hug and love on the kids we meet on the streets and join the local Christians here in worship every day!  I think that is what God expects and more! We want to worship,honor, and serve the Lord by serving others!  I know we fall short of reaching Gods full expectations because we aren't perfect!  We are sinners living in a broken world but we can be beautifully broken because of Gods Love, Grace and compassion for us all, we can be grateful for that and God's blessing of Healing Haiti!    


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