Thursday, October 4, 2012

Real Strength is by force of the soul

For many today was like any other. The sun rose and the people of Haiti awoke, they struggled through the day, and as the sun set they returned to their homes. For others, the day was filled with emotion, those others were us; the people of Healing Haiti that chose to come to one of the poorest places in the world. We came for different reasons, but once we arrived each and every one of us has been changed. Today I saw things that touched me, but I was perhaps the weakest in our group, I only let the people we met today take a glimpse into my heart. Others opened their hearts and souls fully to the world. The heartbreak and emotion I saw plainly on the faces of the fully grown men, was more powerful than nearly anything I have seen in my life. The young girls with us, excuse me, young ladies, were so fully engaged I cannot think of a place where they could learn to be more thankful for what they have in this life. The world that surrounds us when we are at home in America is calm, at times complex, but ultimately comfortable. These new friends of mine are leaving the comfort of their lives at home, to bring some comfort the the strangers they meet in Haiti.
I would like to say that I was strong, but I cannot. Real strength was shown not by force of muscle, but by force of soul. I know that I cannot do justice in describing how the people here impressed me. So instead I will say that if I can learn to open my heart to total strangers fully as I have seen everyone here do I will have learned the most important lesson on this trip and will be forever thankful to the people who have embraced me, also a stranger, as not only a friend but as part of their Haitian family.


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