Monday, March 24, 2014

Team "DO SOMETHING" - Day One

Monday, March 24, 2014

Team "DO SOMETHING" made it to the Minneapolis International Airport bright and early today.  Everyone made it on time, everyone had what they needed, and EVERYONE (including me) was Super excited that this day had finally arrived.

The excitement and anticipation leading up to today has been like a spark being fanned into a BLAZING heart's FIRE!!!  God has brought all NINETEEN of us together, on this "Do Something" Team for a reason.  And, although we have an itinerary, that doesn't mean that we know how God is going to SHOW UP...and how God is going to work His plan in us and through our team!  It's Exciting, isn't it!?!  

I just HAD to blog about today before I allowed myself to go to sleep.  I'm the last one up in the guesthouse, and while it's still called "today" - I had to write about it.

Like I said, our "Do Something" Team is 19 in number.  That's a Great BIG team!!  And, you know what?  When God calls you out on the waters, to stretch your faith farther than you think it can go - He's gonna show up BIG time!!  So, we are collectively (at the Great leadership of Tom & Shelley Gacek) soooo looking forward to tomorrow, and the rest of the week, to see just how many Amazing "somethings" God's got in store!!!  

Sending our LOVE from Haiti,
Michelle Nelson
Team "Do Something"

P.S. - Yes, Estella and Hannah are safe...and happy to be in Haiti.  (To the Moms!)  ;)

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