Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day Three- Michelle

"DO SOMETHING" - Day Three.
For whatever reason, AGAIN, I'm still unable to get onto our Team Blog. Urggg!!! On a lighter was BEYOND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Although I really, really wanted to go to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies, they had to split our HUGE group into 2 groups, and because of my crutches - our leaders thought going there would be physically difficult for me to get to that home. So, I ended up going to Gertrude's Orphanage for disabled children. Turns out that even though I wasn't expecting to have my socks blown off, they were!!! RIGHT AWAY, the first little one that I see is a beautiful tiny Haitian baby (who was probably older than she looked), but she got badly burned from a grease fire - so much that the entire top of her tiny head was scarred...she hardly had any hair...and her right arm was badly burned (even having lost fingers - I'm thinking from the fire). Anyhow, I got to hold her and sing to her, and she was the MOST BEAUTIFUL little baby!!! Of course you "see" her burns when you just meet this little angel, but it doesn't take long before you just "see" a beautiful baby girl. I never caught her name, but I will NEVER forget her! My entire team helped me today - getting me a glass for clean water so I could brush my teeth, helping to look under my bed for things for our craft project, helping me get into the "top, top" (our vehicle for the week), helping me get out of the vehicle, helping me gather gift things at the Amazing Apparent Project (Haitian art store), helping me navigate through another Orphanage today - which, I MUST tell you.......the entire trip was worth it because of this ONE place!!! Gordy, Tyler, Katie & Jen and Veronica - you know those hearts that you all helped me with? It went over soooo well that my heart was overwhelmed with PURE JOY!!! It was important to me to convey the meaning behind the craft - that Jesus has written His Name on their hearts, and that He has ALWAYS known their names, and that He has ALWAYS loved them!! Soooo blessed by how they latched onto the symbolism of the craft project!!!
Getting around with crutches, and not being used to the Haiti heat, was a bit exhausting. I had to sit down several times JUST to give my good leg a break. Uff da!!! (Dats a good Scandahoovian expression!)
 Bottom line - today was worth everything! Truly - being a part of this Mission Trip is one of the VERY BEST THINGS I've EVER done in my entire life!!! If any of you reading this post have ever felt a tugging on your heart to be a part of a mission trip, or even better yet - that you felt something like that would Totally bless your're RIGHT!!! You need to listen to that tugging in your heart. That's the Holy Spirit drawing you closer to God. It doesn't have to be Haiti for you...but it is sooo eye-opening to see how a 3rd world country lives! I look forward to coming back to Haiti. Let's see...maybe once a year?
Also, once again - I wasn't allowed to have my camera, so the pictures are coming...from someone else's camera. It feels like a part of what I love doing isn't allowed to function. (I LOVE taking pictures!!!)
Maybe I could bring my camera tomorrow? I hope so!!!
We have a Great team, including our Haitian "staff." Thank you, Cadet, Emmanuel, Brunet, Jean, Maxim, and Furneese and her family. You are sooo Wonderful, and I appreciate all the good food and for teaching me more Creole!!! I count it a sincere privilege to be serving the poorest of the poor with you all. God is good...ALL the time, and all the time, God is GOOD!!! If you've never answered the call to "Do Something," - I suggest you don't put it off any longer.
More later. LOVE from Delmas 31, Port au Prince, Haiti.

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