Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day Two- Michelle

Today was "Do Something" - Day two. 

What a day it was! It was our first official day of actually "doing something." We visited one of the schools, to the cheer of the kids seeing us walk in the door...we poured clean drinking water (dlo pwop) to one of the poorest cities in entire WORLD, I sprained my ankle, got to visit the Doctors Without Borders French-speaking hospital for x-rays (it's NOT broken) - and I'm toolin' around Haiti on crutches...I got to help console a young boy who gashed the bottom of his foot WIDE OPEN (long, but amazing story...I'll tell you when I get home)...I got to sing & sing some more & sing some more, while back at the guesthouse with my leg elevated (which I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED)We have a "word of the day" - and today, mine was "LOVE." Even though my ankle "popped" and "cracked" as I fell to the ground, I STILL felt and saw and experienced God's Love in a very powerful way today!! My brother RAN to help me when he heard that I got hurt. He may be a brat, but he's an Awesome brother...and I love him VERY MUCH!!! Thank you, Matthew!! My teammates are Great, and they have also shown love by taking very good care of me. I connected with several of the Haitian people today by telling them that Jesus Loves them. Jezu Renmou!!! (I might be spelling the last word wrong.) But, when you say it - people's eyes light up...like you just broke through the language and culture barrier - and touched their soul. (Remind me to tell you all about the chicken story too.) I have to show you video or a picture to go along with. The morning temperatures are beautiful, only I have no idea what they are. Maybe something like 70's?? We are locked in at night. Not just the door to the guesthouse, but the windows and gates surrounding the guesthouse. And, I guess there are always armed guards patrolling the house through the night. Isn't that wild? NEVERTHELESS, I feel safe. The 2 phrases of the day, for me (specifically) is "Too anointed to be disappointed" and "Too blessed to be stressed." (Thanks, Tom, for the perspective.) Thank you to EVERYONE who donated items, donated money, offered me encouragement, and who are continuing to pray for me - because this experience is AMAZING...and is definitely one of the VERY BEST things I've ever done in my life!!! Bondye Benou! (God bless you!)


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