Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 1- Gratitude

Word of the day... Gratitude! So so many things to be grateful for in this beautiful day. Today, we delivered clean water throughout the day, our first place was stop #17. Before this trip, I tried to prepare my heart for all God is showing me on this journey, and I was fine....... until we stopped and opened the door. There were the most beautiful children...all full of smiles, laughter, and so much joy. One little girl locked eyes with mine, and gave me the biggest smile...and I smiled back, as my eyes started to swell with tears. We were surrounded by so much devastation, poverty, trash & dirt,rundown shacks & tents for homes, and yet, she was so happy to see us. She was excited and she knew we would be bringing clean water. It hit me when I wasn't expecting it. I couldn't help thinking about how something so small...yet something we don't even think twice about could make her day, help her to live, to quench her thirst for a little awhile.
We went to three different stops to deliver water and each stop was filled with laughter and smiles. We all worked together to fill their buckets, play with the children, and laugh with them, but most of all, share our love with them. So grateful for this day.... I will never be the same, Thank You Lord. Lynn


  1. hey lynn. grateful for you, and praying for your travels. be bold and courageous. hold nothing back. jamielynn

  2. Sister Lynn,
    Your words and insight stirred a rich appreciation in me. You see, to night, I DROVE my car 15 miles to the gym so I could walk 5 miles in a controlled climate, drinking cold, clean water at my leisure. I then sit in the sauna, relaxing and enjoying the intense heat.
    THEN I read your entry...
    I realize, in Haiti, how many people have to walk the miles I drive just to hopefully have enough clean water for their families until the next trip. It makes me realize that the hardest thing to do after walking so far (probably in ill fitted shoes), is having to carry the water all the way back in heat, like a sauna...
    There is such profound depth in Haiti, a depth that you also posses as a daughter of God.
    Can't wait to see you