Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heart Pains in Haiti

There are certain situations and circumstances in life that defy descriptions or words, and this day in Haiti was one of them for me. We woke just before sunrise to feel the warmth of a Haitian morning, and made our way to the sunrise service under a big tent. From the time we entered the tent I could tell this was going to be a very moving day emotionally. I was amazed to see the passion with which these Haitian people expressed every emotion they were experiencing as they poured out their hearts to God. They smiled and danced and you knew that this was the place they needed to be each day to gain their strength and peace. It was truly an amazing scene!
Next I was further humbled as we rumbled down the pothole strewn streets to the home for sick and dying children. I was so cut to the heart as I saw parents sitting in a waiting room to drop off their children not knowing if they would ever see them again, wondering what it would feel like if that was me and my two boys, and I couldn't afford to care for them, how can it not crush a parents heart! We watched a desperate mother bring her infant son and they began to give him an transfusion and she began to get hysterical. A few of us went to console her and prayed over her with our translator FanFan and she then seemed to calm down. It was such a blessing received to just be able to hold and play and cuddle with each of the orphans, and to see the way they longed to be held and loved! I have to say that time and again in the last two days I have seen God prove his strength and power to hold us tightly when we need him most.
Our final stop of the day pushed me farther out of my comfort zone than I have ever wandered before. We went to a orphanage for sick and dying adults and I felt as we walked in God saying "are you willing to love the least of these"? Are you willing to reach out and touch with my love those who are lonely, those who have no one to call family, no one to care for their needs? As we walked into the tiny cot filled rooms full of people lying there hardly moving we thought one of the things that might soothe them would be a massage and they responded immediately. Within minutes I had men motioning me to come over to them, and we massaged there legs, feet and backs and it was awesome to see how appreciative they were. As we ended with them each we would pray over them as we held their hands, which for me was a truly moving experience. I am so grateful to God that he never gives up on us, he constantly pursues trying to show us the things in life that really matter, the things that will last forever. I realize in all this I have not done justice to this day in any way, but I hope you will realize in some small way the depth of the impact on my life this day has made.

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