Friday, December 9, 2011

Day Four

I had another beautiful day in Haiti today. We visited six elderly orphans this morning. Healing Haiti keeps up with these people closely and provides them with things they need like medicine, flashlights, etc...we delivered a hot meal, water, juice, sandwiches, and yogurt.

We got to visit the market on our way out and that was quite the experience... Let's just say I don't think I will be eating anymore meat while I'm here. Haha

We had a great day at the orphanage. We were able to do crafts, sing, and dance. They loved the chicken dance and the bunny hop. They were so stinkin' cute! Tom took me to see their "beds" and it was pretty shocking. These kids are living on stacked wood with cardboard walls and blue tarps for ceilings ... But they were so proud to show off which one was theirs. It was enough to break my heart for sure!

The director lined them up to let them sing and pray for us. Those kids worship so sincerely. Eyes closed and hands lifted.... It's the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to spend time with and love on these kids. They are all so independent just running around freely...some chased us out to our "tap-tap" (our bus) and even ran beside us for quite a while. The neighborhood kids chase us too yelling in Creole asking for things like shoes and water. Definitely not something you see in America. I would be calling the police if I saw a kid chasing a car down the road...much less fifteen or twenty of them!

Today was incredibly hot...we all felt dehydrated and light headed. We drink constantly but don't go to the bathroom once all day. That's how much we are sweating!! Everything we drink is turning to sweat.

I just had my usual cold shower and sat down to relax. Fan Fan (one of Healing Haiti's workers/translators) is sitting in our living room and we are helping him with some English words he isn't sure about. I can say I'm getting used to life here though. I manage the heat, I don't scream every time it looks like we are about to have a head on collision in this crazy traffic....I'm used to everyone calling me "miss Texas" and "baby bear" (I'm the baby of the group)...I'm used to cold showers, early mornings, and long draining days...I think I'm going to surprisingly miss these things when I'm gone. I will definitely miss Tom's goofy jokes and him saying "watch where I'm going!" and "eat our dust!!" while we are in the tap tap. He's hilarious. So michevious, but he has a HUGE heart... And that's why the kids love him so much. He's not afraid to look silly to get them to smile! I'm so blessed with this amazing team. I really do love them already!

Love you all!

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