Thursday, December 8, 2011

HOPE...learning to paint for the very First Time...

Today our team went to visit Guilliam's Orphanage, to play with the children, sing with them...and something the kids have NEVER done before in their whole lives, paint a canvas. We asked them for a show of hands on how many have ever painted before? Only TWO hands went up...only two. Not once have they held a paint brush, or made their own art.
Being an artist, I work with paint everyday. It brings me to my "safe place", brings me serenity, and allows me to express myself through the many bright colors & most importantly, It is a gift from God, and God gives me the words to paint..... I can't imagine not being able to paint.
So, our team, along with the great interpeters began to teach them... I asked them to relay to them to not be afraid to use color, and they are all going to be artists today. It went exactly as it was susposed to. It was a bit chaotic and they had no idea what to do. We told them to paint whatever they wanted. Each & every canvas was so different.... one of my favorites was one that simply said"Jesus" in beautiful colors. At one point, we happened to look over at the water well, and saw about 8 of the kids trying to wash off their paint, they thought they made a mistake, and wanted to start over... that made me sad. Art is never a mistake, just like us. We are all perfectly made with Gods hands, all His beautiful children. He makes NO mistakes.
The art the children created today will be a part of something big & beautiful to come with Healing Haiti this Christmas. It's going to be Amazing... Lynn


  1. This is so sweet and awesome, what a wonderful experience for those children, and for your team! I hope you took pictures of some of their masterpieces.

  2. So inspired by your beautiful words and your beautiful heart my friend! Can't wait to see you tonight, give you a great big hug and hear all about your trip! Love and miss you Switch :^)