Friday, October 21, 2011

Enchanting Rainbow Colors

Yesterday, October 20th, we went to tour Grace Village, which will open in the near future. I've been there many times, beginning when we first just looked at the land prior to Jeff and Alyn purchasing it, and I thought it was beautiful then. This year alone, I've been there four times. Each time I was there, I saw major progress. But this time, it really gripped me. My word of the day for Thursday, October 20th was "Enchanting". I was so awestruck when we were driving through the gate, and within a few minutes, that word popped into my head. The colors were so brilliant and fresh. It just looked like a perfect painting, kind of like unreal. I just stared at it for a long moment. It reminded me of a Disney movie where all the colors are so beautiful, bright, cheerful, and fun for young and old alike.

For this trip I brought along a book to read titled "Heaven is for Real". I finished that book last night. In the book, the little boy, Colton, says there are lots of colors in Heaven. He says that's where all the rainbow colors are, many more colors than we even know about here on Earth. I also learned that Jesus is the only one wearing purple in Heaven. Purple! WOW! I saw lots of beautiful purple at Grace Village. I don't think it is a coincidence that purple just happens to be Alyn's (my beautiful sister-in-law) favorite color.

I can't wait to see Grace Village in full swing, with the feeding center open and the orphans living in their new home. I'm sure it's a glimpse of what Heaven looks like.

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