Friday, October 21, 2011

Elder Care

Today we went back to Titanyen where we visited with six village elders who need daily care from others. Healing Haiti has hired a young man who told us to call him Andy. Andy was great to have along with us and he knows so much about the elders we visited. We brought them all food, water and other personal hygiene products. They were all very grateful to see us.

First we stopped at Edmund’s house. It was made of old tarps with a tin roof. Edmund is blind but he still welcomed us into his little house with open arms. He took to us right away and sat in bed while we gathered around him and watched him eat a sandwich and drink the nice cool water we brought him. He touched all of the other things we brought him and sat there with a big smile on his face. He asked us for music so we sang him songs, held his hand and prayed with him. Edmund has his sister who lives next door to help him and she took the things we brought for Edmund because other people will come in and steal it after we leave. It has stormed two out of the four nights that we have been in Haiti. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a frail, blind old person living in a house like this while there is thunder and lightning and pouring rain all around you?

We then went to visit Antoine who was outside of his house when we arrived. He told us that it gets too hot in his house during the day for him to stay in there. He welcomed us inside so we could give him his food, water and supplies. We sang songs and prayed with him as well and again he was so appreciative of us for bringing him the supplies.

We then went to Angeline's house. Angeline had a stroke and no longer has use of her right arm or right leg. She was on a blanket on the floor when we arrived. She told us that she can no longer get into her bed that was right next to her and only a foot off the floor so she now sleeps on the floor. As we gave her the food, water and supplies she took each one and pushed it under her bed to hide it. She was afraid someone would take it from her unless she hid it. Angeline's daughter was there and she told us that Angeline needs a new wheelchair as the one she has no longer works. We sang songs for her (Fanfan sang them in Creole) and prayed for her.

We then went to see Lindor. Lindor was outside his house sitting on a chair when we pulled up. He started waving at us right away. From inside the Taptap we could see that his tennis shoes were so old, torn and worn out that we wanted to give him some new shoes. Team member Betsy took off her sandals to give them to him. They were a tight fit and Lindor's feet hurt him but we were able to make the straps longer so his feet would go into them easily. He was very proud of his new shoes. We then gave him the food, cold water and other supplies. He put them all in his lap and told us "Meci" (thank you) after each gift. He was so grateful.

We then walked to see Felicie whose house was very close to Lindor’s. She was outside and greeted us all with a big hug. She was a very pleasant woman and she quickly invited us into her house. She has a small grandson who lives with her who appeared to be less than a year old. She talked with us and graciously accepted the food, water and gifts we brought for her.

We then drove to the other side of Titanyen where we went to see Jude Jean Paul who is a 19 year old who suffers from severe seizures that have left him unable to move. He was sitting in a wheelchair when we arrived and he is unable to respond or acknowledge us. We held his hands and gave him some water. His mother fed him some of the applesauce we brought to him. Again we sang for him and prayed for him.

All of these elders need special care because of their age and condition. Healing Haiti’s elder care program is a wonderful way for these people to get the things they need on a daily basis. Andy was so caring for each of them and you can see it in him that he loves what he does. May God bless them all and God bless Healing Haiti.

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