Sunday, May 15, 2011

Preparing our Hearts and our Luggage:)

Our journey hasn't yet began, but as we pack tonight and ready our minds and our hearts, let us not forget God has been planning this moment and this time from the beginning. It is not an accident that each and every one of us is going to Haiti tomorrow!! Even if this is not our first time...God know the plans He has for us and He will be with us wherever we go. I think the following poem by Roy Lessin says it best...

"Always Remember...when God made you
He did so with a purpose and a plan.
He saw all your days
before you lived one of them
and placed over you
the covering of His protective love.
He has allowed nothing to come into your life
that has not first been screened
through that love.
He calls you by name.
You are His beloved child...
the apple of His eye...
the delight of His heart.
He hand has remained
upon you to THIS very day.
He will be with you as He has always been---
in goodness, in kindness, in faithfullness, and in love.!"

Can't wait to see you all bright and early tomorrow AM!!

-Betsy Smith
Healing Haiti Team Member

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