Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5 - Walking With GOD

How do I start to describe such a perfect day.  Well, I guess it would be by saying our team started out by a wake-up call from Tom clinging glasses for the sound of church bells at 5:00 am sharp with worship music playing in the background.  I can’t forget the roosters crowing!  We all quickly dressed and loaded up in our TapTap truck for another wild and crazy drive!  We drove to a church on the top of a hill with a beautiful view of mountains and the sun shining down on us.  What an incredible place to be!  There were so many people there praying, singing and thanking God.  It is a service I wish everyone could see and be a part of.  There is nothing better than feeling the magnificent power of Our AWSOME GOD!  As we left, we felt so energized for our day.  Our next little journey for the day was going to a market in Titanyen to buy 3 goats.  Once the goats were purchased, we followed our guide walking with the goats and delivered them one by one to 3 different elderly people in such deep need.  It reminded me of walking through the desert with Jesus as we walked to each place to deliver each of them their goat.  The joy on their faces was indescribable!  It gave us all such joy.  There is nothing like giving.  We decided we needed to take a break and drove up to Grace Village Orphanage still in the process of being built.  All the little kids there came to see us.  We had so much fun giving them candy, a soccer ball to play with, painting the little girls fingernails and give them a cute scarf.  I have to say it was one of the best breaks in my life!  We then drove to Yvons Orphanage.  What a wonderful welcome we received from these cute darling little kids!  We all sat down and then they sang in worship for us!  The faith here in Haiti is quite amazing.  We were able to make tambourines with the kids and sing a few more songs.  We wanted to make name bracelets with them but were told we better leave as there was a demonstration on the horizon.  We quickly showed one of the older girls, Carole, how to make the bracelets so they could still make them.  Before we left, the kids all lined up and gave us all the tightest hugs.  There is nothing like bringing joy to a child and receiving it back.  We drove off and headed back to our temporary home.  Our night ended with us all singing in worship together.  This whole day was like Walking With God.

Nancy Kvam
Healing Haiti Team Member

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