Monday, May 16, 2011

Give Gratitude to Everything in this Lifetime

"Give gratitude to everything in this lifetime."

As we taxied the runway, the words from the Haitian girl we met a few moments earlier echoed in my mind. Waiting for our flight out of MSP, she told us of how her mom had repeated this to her all of her life. Although she talked about the horror that the earthquake brought to her and her family and how she had lost three of her cousins, there was an unexplainable joy in her eyes and a joy in her smile that captured me.
Excitement and joy came over me as our plane began picking up speed to take off. Tears welled up in my eyes mere moments later, realizing that the feelings God had placed on my heart more than a year ago now were finally coming to be. I was excited! I was filled with joy! I was grateful, grateful to God that I was right there in that moment, grateful that He helped me to overcome my fears of going, and grateful for how He might work in and through our group!

Thankful to God for this opportunity to serve Him and looking forward to the days ahead!

-Molly Mozdzyn McKeen
Healing Haiti Team Member

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