Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 2: Why does God want me here in Haiti?

Day 2

Our team jumped on the tap tap this morning anticipating what God had in store for us to learn today.  What was God going to teach us?  How were our hearts going to be opened to learn more about who God is through his own people?

As we arrived in Cite Soleil the children mobbed us with large grins and joyful spirits.  Seeing the joy in their eyes under the extreme poverty the team was taken aback by their large smiles and gigantic, never ending hugs.  Watching the line of water buckets continually growing partnering with desperation some team members witnessed the excitement of receiving water for their families, and how grateful the Haitians were receiving their portion of clean water.  Walking buckets to their homes and seeing the conditions and their reality of poverty and the lack of comfort that they have compared to what we have  back in the states we asked ourselves the question, “How could we be born into a country  that has so much materialistic possessions and wealth?”  The Haitians didn’t choose to be born into extreme poverty and as Americans, what do we do with this materialistic abundance?

When water was being distributed to the Haitians, other team members held children and played games.  Tickling and joking with the children to see the joy in their face under all of the chaos brought peace to our hearts knowing we are leaving a mark of Jesus with them when we left Cite Soliel.  As we were playing with kids, we noticed that the kids did not have any toys, or the clothing the kids wore were ratty, and they were filthy dirty.
What is God trying to teach me on this trip?  This question, God continues to place on our hearts as we serve Gods people. 

Written by: Rachel, Michelle, and Hannah  

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