Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day in Haiti

Another amazing day in Haiti for our team. We have witnessed ideas that have turned into reality, poverty turned into sustainable and joyful life, and the Lord put on a pedestal so high that kids were screaming and shaking for the love. Everyone on our team has been able to serve a very specific gift that they have been blessed with. The power of our group is defined by each of our uniqueness to serve. Holding children, blessing the elderly with songs, changing diapers, or sacrificing themselves from the rest to care for children that aren't usually given attention from us. We are what a real team truly is, and the Lord continues to take advantage of that more and more every day! Being our last day here we traveled to Grace Village to see the progress of what it has become since day one. Sharing time has brought up many words to describe what we saw including: significance, beauty, pride, life-giving, and the power of the Lord so expected we have started using the phrase 'of course'  to describe the obvious fact that the Lord has his hand on Haiti now. The Lord has a lot more than his hands to hold us with and visions of the future are in our heads already. After being able to see Grace Village we traveled down the hill to care for a few elders that Healing Haiti volunteers have sponsored. The happiness of the people we saw was agreeably the most unexpected. They seemed contempt, like they were as happy as they could possibly be, but basic needs for them were not met. The first man we saw asked us to pray for a toilet, and the ability to marry his partner who he has not had the opportunity to share the experience with; they are in their 60's. The second man we visited was burdened with leprosy. Being in consistant pain and having so much work to do and goats to tend to,  yet it did not empty the joy from his heart one bit. We laughed with him prayed and sang songs. Quite the blessing to be apart of their lives and im sure we would all agree their joy would be a blessing to experience daily in our lives back home. Coming back, we celebrated over a meal and shared around our circle. Tears continue to flow like they have all week and everyone is anxious to get back to share the joy with family and friends. Healing Haiti has given us all an opportunity to change the world and change our lives and we are thankful beyond what we can express.

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