Thursday, April 18, 2013

Haiti Newbie Day 3

Hello, Gary again, trying to put in words the unexplainable experience of doing mission work in Haiti. In this addition Donnie, another newbie is going to help me make the attempt.

Today we were visiting elderly people being supported by Healing Haiti. Before getting to an incredible story, I will spend just a few minutes reminiscing about our visits to these very special people. These people are those, who without the assistance of Healing Haiti, would not be able to survive. In truth not all are elderly, some are young, but afflicted in ways that make them unable to fend for themselves. They are supplied basic needs, including food, water, and most importantly, love and affection, from the many groups that come to visit them. The reaction of these people is certain to pull on your heartstrings in such a powerful way that some have to step back from it. It is simply too overwhelming. A deeply moving example was one of the wonderful ladies we visited asked us to pray for her son who had gone to the hospital. What she did not know, is her son had died, and no one close to her dared to tell her. They were afraid of what would happen. This tore us all apart. All we could do was pray for her. We dare not interfere with something so complicated and deeply personal. It was during this visit that the incredible event occurred. At this, I will turn it over to Donnie, who was much closer to the happening than I.

From Donnie
As we were gathered around Merolen a young girl came running from a small shack behind us holding a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket.  She was had a anxious to show me the baby and put her in my arms.  The young girl told me that the baby was born the evening before in the streets of Titanyen and that her mother was not well or able feed the baby. A few of us went to her home to pray for her and find out if there was anything we could do to help.

Back to Gary
As it turns out there was a great deal we could do to help. Our base of operations that morning was Grace Village, a healing Haiti school and orphanage with medical staff. Before going to visit another orphanage and school in the area, we returned to Grace Village and informed the staff of the issue. We were told a nurse and another staff member would be sent with formula and other medical supplies to see what needed to be done. We then went on to visit the next orphanage. As we left we saw them returning to Grace Village. We do not know what the final outcome will be. Whether the baby or the mother will survive (she was sick from giving birth with no assistance). But we do know they would have had little or no chance if we had not been there.

Many people will want to call this simply a fortunate coincidence. I just cannot see it that way. I believe to the bottom of my heart and soul, that God sent us there for for reasons we will never know or understand. It seems clear to me that we where already on God's work and were drafted, as only God can do, to carry out his work. While it is certain this can never be proved, I know everyone of us felt the Father's hand in this, and were awed, and humbled to have been used by him.

I am now three days in, and the experience just seems to get more profound as I go. I lament my poor ability to share this in anyway that really touches how I feel. I know that if really could do that, it could move mountains, never the less, I will try in the hopes that maybe just one person will decide that they are called to help in some way the great work that is being done Healing Haiti.

I will pray for that.

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