Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God Is Love

Bonswa from this beautiful night in Haiti! This is Sam here :)

What a powerful first day! We were in Cite Soliel on the water truck today, and WOW, it was an amazing day. Being back on the streets of Haiti, immersed in people, culture, and every part of Haitian beauty was just awesome. You can feel God moving so strongly in this country, it's incredible, and I am so, so happy to be back.

It was so great to see the members of our team in action today. God has pieced together an AMAZING team for this week and everyone played their perfect part today in helping hold the water hose, move and carry buckets of water, and love up the Haitians - especially the adorable kiddos. I believe every one of us was moved by today's experiences in Cite Soliel. We had a great share session after dinner and words of the day included thankful, humbled, granted, fun, Spirit, nurture, desperate, respect, and exhausting. My word for today was Love. I saw and felt many different things today, but above all, the word love reigned in my mind to best describe it. It started this morning with being reunited with the awesome people who take care of us here in Haiti, and continued with the overwhelming teamwork and bonding (LOTS of singing and dancing on the Taptap and elsewhere! :) ) that went on throughout the day, the love that was shared by God through our team to the Haitian community in Cite Soliel, and the love that was shown from the people of Haiti to our team throughout the day was just so strong and amazing! Something I feel only an experience in Haiti can gift us with :)

Bondye se bon!! (God is good!)

Goodnight from Ma and Pa Kettle and all of us Kettle Kids <3

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